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Cyber security attacks continue to occur at an alarming rate. Do you have defensive steps in place to protect you and your business?

Recently, the White House warned American businesses to take urgent security measures to protect against ransomware attacks, as hackers shift their tactics from stealing data to disrupting critical infrastructure

This heightened warning follows a string of escalating ransomware attacks – from stealing data to disrupting operations. For example, we all witnessed the Colonial Pipeline event last month when they were hit with a ransomware attack. Their business records were frozen by a criminal group, forcing the company to suspend operations.

Without securing a dedicated cyber policy, most businesses likely do not have adequate insurance coverage following a data breach. Cyber insurance helps your company recover after a data breach, with costs that can include business disruption, revenue loss, equipment damages, legal fees, public relations expenses, forensic analysis, and costs associated with legally mandated notifications.

Our team of risk management specialists are in place to advise you on a cyber risk assessment. Please email Jack Prewitt, a risk management advisor specializing in cyber coverage, at to discuss how we can put our power to mitigate risk to work for you.

Walters 80th Bday

Walter Barnett joined The Prewitt Group in 1999 as an agency controller and served in that position for over 22 years. He is hard-working, friendly, driven, and loved by all. He began his career with the IRS and developed an immense knowledge of accounting and legal expertise. Barnett has accumulated a wealth of accounting knowledge, is known as being a servant leader, and is well-respected across all areas of the agency. He is a man of many talents and was even the go-to “Mr. Fix-It” around the Prewitt Group office. He is an avid woodworker and served the Alabama Woodworkers Guild as Treasurer for over 20 years. After 61 years of an exceptional career, Barnett is retiring to spend more time with his wife, two daughters, and grandson.

We are extremely grateful for the service and professionalism he has brought to The Prewitt Group over the years. He will be missed by all of our associates and clients. In honor of the leadership and exemplary service Walter has shared with The Prewitt Group, we are renaming our Employee of The Year Award to The Walter Barnett Employee of the Year Award to reflect the contributions he has made to our agency and the friend he is to all of us.

Please join us in congratulating Walter on his retirement and his many contributions to the Prewitt Group and as they say, ‘Retirement is not the end of the road. It’s the beginning of the open highway.’