As Company Growth Track Continues, The Prewitt Group Announces the Promotions of David Junkin and Brian Fleury to Key Leadership Positions

As The Prewitt Group continues to grow, we are proud to announce the promotion of two team members who have played key roles in moving our business forward.

David Junkin has been named a shareholder of the firm, after an extensive tenure with the agency as a Commercial Risk Advisor. In his more than 17 years with the agency, David has provided unparalleled guidance to clients in identifying risk exposures and insurance solutions. His proven leadership has resulted in the growth of The Prewitt Group as a company, the expansion of partnership opportunities as well as excellence in client service, all of which are pillars of the company’s long-term strategic plan.

David with Logo
David Junkin 

Brian Fleury has been named Chief Operating Officer of the firm and will oversee the company’s ongoing operations and procedures. As a key leader of our senior management team, Brian’s focus will be on the functionality of our business to drive continued growth, the highest standard of client service practices, and unparalleled risk management solutions for our clients.

Brian with Logo
Brian Fleury