Christmas Tree Safety Tips

The beauty of a real tree is unmatched and a sign of the coming holiday fun. A few tips to keep you and your home safe will ensure the holiday season is a happy one.

  1. Watering your tree daily to prevent drying is important, they become a fire hazard when dried out.
  2. Always turn off lights before going to sleep for the night or leaving your home.
  3. Make sure strands of lights are free from damage.
  4. Never light candles on a tree and be sure that candles in your home are a safe distance away from the tree as well.
  5. Lights add magic, but should only be used as directed for indoor or outdoor use. Check the packaging or label.
  6. Keep your tree away from all exits in your home, it’s the safest way to enjoy them.
  7. Check with your community for disposal options after the holiday.

Keep your holiday mishap free by following tips and fire safety guidelines.

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