FAQ: Do I Need to Cover Independent Contractors for Workers’ Compensation?

This week’s FAQ is answered by Jack Prewitt. Jack has followed in the path of his grandfather, Jack, his father, Johnny, and his uncle Andy as he continues the legacy and tradition that distinguishes The Prewitt Group as a truly family-owned agency.

He shares that this can be very much of a gray area for many employers. There is nothing in a typical workers’ compensation policy where coverage is automatically extended to independent contractors. However, most workers’ compensation carriers will want to review a list of all 1099 employees for a client and list them on the policy should an event occur. It can also depend on the scope of the work being performed, and how often it is occurring, by that independent contractor.

Regardless, it is important to have a conversation with a risk advisor about how you are utilizing 1099 employees and how best to navigate the coverage you need. Reach out to us at The Prewitt Group to discuss these options and any other questions regarding risk and coverage for your business.

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