How to Have a Worry-Free Holiday Season

Along with the cheerful hustle and bustle of the holiday season unfortunately comes increased risks to yourself, your family and your business. It may be something as simple as slipping on an icy sidewalk, a flare-up in your oven while you’re cooking or a mishap while hanging decorations. Or it could be more serious, such as robbery, identity theft or a death in the family.

Fortunately, personal and commercial insurance can help protect you and your business from the financial shocks and long-term consequences associated with these unfortunate incidents. With auto, homeowner’s, life and commercial insurance coverage, you can have a worry-free holiday season.

  • Personal Auto Insurance: Traveling to see family and loved ones puts a lot more people on the road around the holidays. Increased traffic on the roadways means increased risks of accidents—especially when you factor in alcohol intake, late nights and the lack of sleep that the holidays often bring. Having car insurance can help mitigate some of the consequences that can occur while you are in your car by helping you pay for damages and/or medical costs.
  • Homeowner’s Insurance: From holiday cooking to hanging decorations, many holiday activities often cause personal injury and/or threaten the safety of your home. Having homeowner’s insurance will shelter you from some of the costs of these injuries and protect your home from the devastation of fire.
  • Life Insurance: A loved one passing away is never a happy thought, but it’s an unfortunate event you need to be prepared for. In addition to emotional hardships, a death in the family can also cause financial hardships. Having life insurance can help soften the financial blows of end-of-life care and funeral expenses during a time that is already financially straining.
  • Commercial Insurance: Business risks, such as robbery, cyber-attacks, injury liabilities and fire, are often heightened during the holiday season. With commercial insurance coverage, you can rest easy knowing you have a way to mitigate these financial blows and prevent them from devastating your business.

The idea behind any type of insurance is that you are prepared for the unpredictable or, at the very least, insulated from the most severe shocks of what could be a traumatic financial event. Ultimately, with the help of the J.R. Prewitt team and our insurance carriers, you can trust that you’re covered and enjoy the holidays with peace of mind.

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