Road-Tripping This Summer? Review Your Auto Insurance Before Taking that Trip

With summertime quickly approaching, it typically means more and more people will be hitting the road. In fact, The Vacationer estimates that approximately 100 million people will be road-tripping 250 miles or more when the summer travel season begins Memorial Day weekend. So before you “get your motor running and head out on the highway,” The Prewitt Group recommends that you check your auto insurance coverage to ensure you are prepared should something unexpected happen.

When trying to decide what auto insurance coverage plan is right for you, do you know the difference between Comprehensive and Collision coverage? 

According to our partners at The Hartford, Comprehensive and Collision insurance coverages are defined as:
Comprehensive insurance protects your car from damages you can’t control like fire, hail, wind, theft, vandalism or even hitting a deer.

Collision insurance protects your car in accidents and will pay for vehicle repairs or even the replacement of your vehicle.


Comprehensive Insurance is optional and will help pay for non-collision damage to your car that is out of your control. It covers damage from: 

  • Natural disasters like hurricanes and tornadoes 
  • Vandalism
  • Theft
  • Fire
  • Falling objects
  • Civil Disturbances such as a riot. 
  • Hitting an animal 
  • Glass 

Comprehensive insurance does not cover damage to your car from a collision, medical expenses, legal fees, loss of income for you or your passengers, damage to another person’s car or property stolen from your car. 

COLLISION INSURANCE on the other hand, covers:

  • A collision with another vehicle or an object like a fence or tree
  • An accident involving only your car, like a rollover accident
  • Someone crashing into your parked car
  • An accident in a car you’ve rented

If you have an accident, both types of insurance require that you meet your deductible before coverage pays for repairs to your car. To find out what coverage you need or to review your current auto insurance coverage, schedule a review with one of our associates or personal lines team. 

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