Understanding Umbrella Liability


Whether it’s a car accident involving expensive medical bills, an incident on your property, or a slander claim, the damage expenses you’re responsible for can add up quickly and exceed the limits of your auto or homeowner’s insurance policies. Plus, unexpected events like these could easily result in a costly lawsuit.


Fortunately, there is a solution for these unforeseen circumstances. An Umbrella, or Excess, Liability Policy picks up where the liability limits of your homeowners and auto policies leave off. It typically helps cover the defense costs, attorney fees and other expenses associated with personal lawsuits that arise from driving abroad, operating a rented watercraft or alleged libel, slander or defamation. Without umbrella coverage, you will be burdened with these extra coasts.


You may be thinking that it is unlikely that you would use this coverage. But, would it hurt to have it just in case?

  • Do you own a dog?
  • Do you have a backyard swimming pool or trampoline?
  • Are you a commuter?
  • Are you a hunter?
  • Do you entertain at your home frequently?
  • Do you have teen drivers?
  • Are you or your children active on social media?
  • Do you own more than one residence?


If you answered yes to any of these questions, you are vulnerable to being found at fault for injuries or damages and faced with litigation. The more assets you own, the higher the risk. Property damage and personal injury claims can be more costly than fires, floods and hurricanes.


Effectively protect your assets with an Umbrella Liability Policy. For more information, contact J.R. Prewitt & Associates Personal Coverages Consultant, Annette McDevitt.

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