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‘Tis the season for festive parties, Christmas carols, holiday shopping and much more. As the holidays draw near, so does the end of another great year. Though it’s easy to get overwhelmed with the hustle and bustle of the holidays, we think it’s important to reflect on the year behind us, so we can make goals for the approaching New Year.

In 2018, our firm not only celebrated 44 years of business in Birmingham, but we also rebranded to The Prewitt Group, launched a new website, gave back to the community, received recognition for our partnerships and services, and grew our team while never losing sight of the service and dedication our clients have come to expect.

Since 1974, J.R. Prewitt & Associates built a name as one of the premier insurance providers in our area. This year, we updated our name and logo to accurately position us for the future. The new name, The Prewitt Group, ties our legacy of service excellence to our present-day offerings through partnerships with our vast network of top-rated insurance carriers. Our new logo depicts the qualities our firm has come to be associated with: protection and strength. Likewise, our tagline, “the power to mitigate risk,” concisely sums up what The Prewitt Group’s mission has been since our company was founded. Learn more about our new brand identity here.

The Prewitt Group is committed to giving back to our community. Throughout the year, our team serves breakfast to people in need at The Church of the Reconciler in downtown Birmingham. It is such a rewarding experience that they look forward to each month! In April, The Prewitt Group won “Best Gumbo” and “People’s Choice” at the Cajun Cook-Off benefiting Girls Inc. of Central Alabama. In November, The Prewitt Group proudly sponsored the Birmingham Home & Garden Inspiration Home Tour. Proceeds from ticket sales were donated to The Wellhouse and Magic City Woodworks. Lastly, we are also excited to sponsor Children’s of Alabama families for Christmas again this year. Seeing the impact our company can make on the community is a huge blessing to our entire team.

In addition to these philanthropic efforts, The Prewitt Group was recognized as a Top Agent by Auto-Owner’s Insurance. We value our partnership with Auto-Owners Insurance, which enables us to meet the insurance needs of both individuals and businesses and look forward to continuing our successful partnership.

Last, but certainly not least, The Prewitt Group welcomed Jack Prewitt and Tyler Hudson to the agency! Jack follows in the footsteps of his grandfather and founder of J.R. Prewitt, Jack, his father, Johnny, and his Uncle Andy. Tyler came on board as a Risk Consultant in the Life Insurance, Healthcare and Group Benefits division.

All in all, it was an outstanding year for The Prewitt Group, and we could not have had such a successful year without our dedicated employees, devoted partners, loyal clients and supportive family and friends! We can’t wait to see what 2019 holds for The Prewitt Group! Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!

You may have noticed that we recently rebranded to “The Prewitt Group.” After 44 years as J.R. Prewitt & Associates, we wanted to update our name, logo and tagline to accurately reflect what we do and position us for the future.

What’s in the name?

As a family-owned and operated firm, we kept the last name of our founder and chairman, president and vice president in our new identity. The surname Prewitt is actually derived from the Middle English word “prou,” meaning “brave,” or “valiant,” with the addition of either of two common diminutive suffixes: “-et” or “-ot.” As such, this name is thought to have originally been a nickname for someone small, but brave.  Including “group” in our name ties our legacy of service excellence to our present-day offerings through partnerships with our network of top-rated insurance carriers – all aligned to provide our customers with an unmatched portfolio of custom insurance products.

What’s in the logo?

A shield is a universal symbol for protection from danger, risk or unpleasant experience. As risk consultants, this symbol correlates with our mission and commitment to our clients. Likewise, the lion portrays strength and nobility. Ultimately, the goal of our new logo was to depict the qualities J.R. Prewitt & Associates has come to be associated with since 1974.

What’s in the tagline?

Our tagline “the power to mitigate risk” concisely sums up what The Prewitt Group’s mission has been since our company was founded: To expertly handle all of your insurance needs whether personal or professional, with the utmost attention to detail and comprehensive protection from anticipated risk. Our new brand reflects what we’ve always focused on as a family-owned and operated firm, a commitment to excellence to better serve our clients tomorrow.

Jack Prewitts first day

Jack Prewitts first day

The Prewitt Group is excited to welcome Jack Prewitt to the agency! Following in the footsteps of his grandfather and founder of J.R. Prewitt, Jack, his father, Johnny, and his Uncle Andy, Jack is excited to begin his career and continue the family legacy! As a producer, Jack will be responsible for helping clients mitigate risk. To learn more about Jack, check out this Q&A:

Q: How did you get into the industry?

A: I have always wanted and hoped to work at The Prewitt Group someday. I graduated from Auburn University with a business degree and joined the company shortly after.

Q: What’s your favorite part of working for The Prewitt Group?

A: I wanted to work with my grandfather, dad and uncle. My favorite part of working here is the people I get to work with every day.

Q: Who’s your biggest role model?

A: My dad, Johnny Prewitt.

Q: What’s the best advice you’ve ever received?

A: Hard work beats talent every time!

Q: What’s something most people would be surprised to learn about you?

A: I enjoy snowboarding in the winter.

Q: Favorite quote?

A: “Don’t take life too seriously. You’ll never get out of it alive.”

Q: Favorite travel spot/vacation?

A: The lake in the summer and Colorado in the winter.

Q: Favorite spot to hangout in Birmingham? (Restaurant, park, brewery, bar, etc.!)

A: Jack Browns Beer and Burger Joint.

Q: Hobbies?

A: Golf, Wakeboarding and Snowboarding.